A Different Kind of Living Green

Living green….

What does that really mean? Wind, water or solar energy, recycling, biodegradable materials, vegetarianism, non-GMO, organic foods, no furs, protecting the environment, preserving animal life, driving hybrid cars?

Maybe all of the above apply in some ways but none of them tell the real, complete story.

But, before I get started presenting an alternative view, first let me confess. By profession, I work for a Toyota / Lexus dealer and I will happily sell you a hybrid car and show you all of the reasons it  make sense for your situation if you are so inclined. Just keep in mind, I will also sell you a Tundra or Land Cruiser and justify those for you as well. In my industry, well, the customer determines what is most viable by their wants and needs.

Now, back to living green.

Ultimately, the object of true green living initiatives is to preserve and improve our lifestyle and the lifestyles of future generations.

My first thought is that there are very few, if any, people out there who, if asked, would admit to not caring about the future of our planet. Contrary to popular mainstream media opinions, even the Republicans, Tea Party members, Capitalism supporters and conservatives care deeply about the future of our home planet and the quality of life for future generations. Now this is not a politically charged or motivated post but let’s face the facts of media induced public perception. In the realm of environmentalism, liberals and Democrats are the good guys and everyone else, not so much. Is this the whole truth? Absolutely not. Can we change it? Probably not anytime soon. Should we care? Absolutely.

So, what is the real deal when it comes to living green?

In my world, living green is pretty simple. While I do believe in recycling, exploring possible alternative energy sources, eating organic and (obviously) driving a Prius if it suits your fancy, the real root of green living is anchored in my outdoor focused lifestyle.

The facts are that hunters and fishermen are the original green lifestyle practitioners. The wild game and fish we harvest and eat is as organic as organic can be. Hunters and fishermen have more heart-founded interest in the preservation of lands, waters and habitat than any liberal “environmentalist” protesting something with a sign in their hands. The health and perpetuation of game and fish species is and has been a top of mind topic of focus for generations of sportsmen.

I would dare to say that the level of commitment to these principles by hunters and fishermen far exceeds that of the trendy environmentalists often shown in the media supporting their ‘pet’ causes. Actually, I think that is the real difference between the two groups. One has a “cause” and the other a passion-driven lifestyle.

This passion-driven lifestyle has one tremendous side effect. Money. Money that supports the principles of these passions. People invest where their hearts are and hunters and fishermen are no exception to this rule. In fact, there are countless organizations that have been born out of this passion and are exclusively funded by sportsmen. Organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Safari Club International, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation lead out in practice with investment towards habitat preservation and wildlife conservation initiatives from the funds provided to them straight from the pockets of their membership.

Contrast that model to the anti-hunters and hobby environmentalists and their bell cow organizations such as PETA, who claim to support their causes but fall pitifully short in their efforts. Their focus is on media exposure for the purpose of fundraising to gain more media exposure to raise more funds. Not much practical application there that I can recognize.

Consider the following article that highlights the financial impact of hunters and fishermen on the economy and on conservation efforts and contrasts it to the strategy of the aforementioned PETA.


To sum it up, I feel proud to live my version of the green lifestyle and prove it regularly with my wallet. You should too!

In the end, I suppose I truly am a tree-hugger. Especially during Whitetail season.

As a side note, give me a call if you suddenly feel the urge to buy a Hybrid. I will be glad to help you out.

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