The Environment Matters-An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump,

Generally speaking, protecting the environment has long been painted as a partisan issue with liberals fancying themselves as a white knight watching over our natural environment all the while painting conservatives as the barbarians at the gate ready to pillage and plunder all things in the name of special interest driven economic advancement. Neither of these is completely true or false.

As an American citizen and avid outdoorsman, environmental issues are of critical importance to me as I am certain they are to most people who spend significant time outdoors in our great nation.

I would like to say that the millions of sportsmen, such as me, that rallied to your cause and played an extremely significant role in your election do not fit neatly into either of the aforementioned divisions. We are largely conservative on many issues including government regulatory over-reach but contrary to the stereotypes that would label us otherwise, we are extremely passionate about protecting and enhancing the diverse and expansive natural environment within the boundaries of the USA.

While I understand that you have a comprehensive and aggressive plan to restore America to greatness and I am excited to see just how much you can accomplish, I have written this letter to urge you to reject the historical stereotypes associated with partisan politics regarding environmental issues and to take a stand with the majority of Americans of all political affiliations who view protecting and preserving our wildlife, wild places, waterways and skies as causes completely worthy of our investment of time, energy and money.

The previous administration spoke of American exceptionalism as though it was a dark cloud hanging over our nation. I beg to differ and I know you do as well. I believe America is and should be exceptional on the world landscape in every way possible. I personally view our public land system as one of the crown jewels of this principle that must be preserved for the future generations of Americans currently “in the womb of time” as President Teddy Roosevelt once said.

With a thoughtful and measured approach in this realm, the protection of our valuable environmental resources and the advancement of economic growth and development do not have to be mutually exclusive, partisan concepts. I feel confident that with your support and commitment, a common sense balance can be achieved that will best serve both perspectives. Ultimately, that is what most people want on critical issues, a common sense balance.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your service.

May God bless you and may God bless America.


Eddie Triplett
Cleveland, TN

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