Time to prepare… Alaska Dall Sheep & Grizzly. September 2015

It’s still a little surreal. I have never truly given much thought to sheep hunting. I have read all the stories and heard all the tales. They are all different but in many ways they are all the same. “If you ever sheep hunt, you’ll be ruined for life….” and, “I am just obsessed with hunting those mountain sheep…”. The meta-message is clear. Don’t do it! Unless, you are prepared to deal with the consequences. You know, things like obsessive planning, extreme fitness, social alienation due to the inability to talk about anything except sheep hunting and potential bankruptcy. Sounds just glorious doesn’t it? Truth is, I never really thought so, until now.

So it begins. I have booked my first sheep hunt. In September of  this year, I am headed to the Wrangell – St. Elias Mountains in Alaska to pursue Dall Sheep and Grizzly Bear.



(The above photos are not my own but represent my hopes and expectations.)

I am beyond excited on one hand yet deeply concerned on the other. I can’t help but wonder if I have just stepped off into the sheep hunting abyss, never to be the same again. As strange as it sounds, I kind of hope so. In fact, I am already exhibiting symptoms confirming the early stages of sheep sickness. The most obvious one is the fact that even before I have taken my first step on the mountain in Alaska, I have already booked a Stone Sheep hunt for 2017. My fever is apparently rising already. I am afraid to even think the words Grand & Slam in the same thought.

In any case, now the “fun” begins. The physical preparation, the gear collection, the planning and re-planning. The preparation alone should be a real journey for this soon to be 50 year old in search of adventure.

I will be using this blog to chronicle the process. Stop in to visit from time to time. You could have a front row seat to watch as an otherwise sane and reasonable man begins to lose his mind.

2 Comments on “Time to prepare… Alaska Dall Sheep & Grizzly. September 2015

  1. Eddie, I love your website and contagious enthusiasm. Seems like your journey continues to involve sheep. Much meaning there for sure! Wish I could join you…maybe some day.

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